About the Project

Hurtigruten gang

As a collective, we are interested in the intersection of performance and technology and more specifically the staging of performance. As practitioners, we have a range of skills as scenographers, academic researchers, curators, and performers. What we offer is the ability to create engaging staged settings within which audiences and artists work and experiment together.

Underpinning our approach is a philosophy that recognises the potential for art and artists to make and take on practical and effective roles in wider society and culture. We achieve this through experimentation and an exploration of the worlds we place ourselves within. In this project, we see the site of Neptun as a meeting point where we can work with the cultures and histories of the surrounding rural environment through dynamic and creative approaches to the geographic setting and its population.

The Neptun Herring processing factory represents a revolution in the way the world caught and processed herring through the application of new technological tools. This in turn, led to unforeseen economic and cultural changes for the local population and the wider world. Climate change and radical shifts in the geopolitical landscape over the past two decades is seeing a shift of focus to the resources and technological advances of the North. Neptun and its surrounding community present an opportunity for us to engage with the complexities of a small rural community setting within wider geo-political shifts. In this project we will ask, how did we get here and where do we go now?

This residency was organised, funded and made possible by http://www.neptunartsciencelab.info/.

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